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My mission is to help you demystify the world of the Internet of Things and bring you cost effective and practical use cases


Understanding your needs

Assisting you and your business on the best technology and use cases for your requirements.

Build your business case

What is the economic cost of problem? What is the potential revenue lost? Is there a savings or additional revenues for your use cases?


Initial investment cost, ongoing operation and maintenance cost.

Design a cost effective solution

Solution architecture & design for your solution.

Implement your solution

Helping you to setup your Internet of Things solution 

Test and Validate use cases

Ensure the solution is working as per design and requirements

Operate and transfer competences

Helping you acquire the competences to operate and maintain your solution

Use case examples

Real estate monitoring

Protect your business income with temperature and humidity monitoring of your warehouse, office, holiday home or home during extended holidays.

Asset monitoring

Location tracking of your boat parked on the street and alert if moved outside a designed area.


Track your rental assets during loans


Emergency one push button device for your close ones.

Gate monitoring

Be alerted when a gate is opened

Water tank level

Monitor your water tank level remotely

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About Us

My Experience

Brice has been working in the Telecommunication industry in a range of customer focused roles from sales, pre-sales and technical interface capacity. 

Domain of expertise: 

Mobile networks, Network management, Network Operations, Network automation, Compute and storage, Software platform, Databases, Datawarehouse, Service & Quality assurance, Cloud Compute, System Administration, System  Integration & Architecture, IoT 

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive range of services to help you identify business benefits and opportunities from the Internet of Things. My objective is to assist you and your business develop use & business cases leveraging IoT, support your deployment and operation. Providing you the assurance and confidence for your Return Of Investment.

Why Us?

After 17 years of experience in the ICT industry supporting top tier Telecommunication companies, Brice decided to alter direction. Now, he shares his experience to help others. Providing Consultancy Services for IoT  

Brice is a highly Technologically and Business orientated professional with a wide experience from: 

  • Sales Management
  • Business Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Pre-sales
  • System Architecture and Integration 
  • Technical support


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